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Can Yogurt Banish Acne 8 years ago

If you don't want to spend a lot of money on dermatological procedures initially or your skin reacts terribly to medications, what can you do about your acne? It can be discouraging when something doesn't work especially after you have spent a lot of money and time. Is it possible to find natural alternatives to stop acne?

Dr Maria Simbra of CBS reported about using yogurt to address acne.

One of the acne causes is inflammation. Yogurt contains high amount of probiotics, which can calm inflammation.

Probiotics are friendly bacteria that are found naturally in the digestive tract and on the skin.

Yogurt also prevents your skin from being too oily. Studies showed that after eating yogurt for 6 to 8 weeks, pimples were reduced among 75% of the subjects. This could indicate a connection between the bacteria in the gut and on the skin.

In addition, there are certain compounds in the probiotics that can kill harmful bacteria.

If you look at most of the studies, the researchers use live cultures for oral intake. So if you want to take yogurt, opt for Greek or Activa yogurt. But avoid anything in pill form which does not have live bacteria. Instead of consuming yogurt, you can cover your face with it just like a mask.

More studies should be done to determine the amount and the frequency of yogurt consumption for treating acne more effectively.

You can't depend on yogurt alone to minimize pimples. You should use it together with existing remedies. You can get impressive with a combination of treatments.

Lately, as I was exploring options to address acne, somehow I discovered one blog post at about an acne spot treatment device. The operation of the device is to deliver heat on the skin that are affected by P. acnes bacteria. To stop acne from becoming severe, I think this can be an effective way. It can also function as a spot treatment too.