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Tips From The Dr. Oz. Show On The Best Anti Aging Creams 9 years ago

During the July 11 episode of the Dr. Oz. Show, Dr. Mehmet Oz invited Manhattan dermatologists Dr. Hilary Reich and Dr. Dennis Gross, creator of the Dennis Gross Skincare line to share some tips on choosing the best anti-aging creams.

According to the Dr. Oz's guests, if you want to get effective anti-aging products, you should be familiar with certain potent ingredients. Here are the tips you have been waiting for.

Wrinkle reduction. Use Vitamin C serum because it contains antioxidants that help your skin to increase the production of collagen and fade wrinkles.

Age spots fading. Try alpha hydroxy acid peel. It helps in skin exfoliation, revealing lighter color layer of new skin.

Sagging skin remedy. Use peptide cream as it boosts the production of collagen and elastin, essential proteins for tightening your skin.